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When does the football season start?

The football season starts in Term 2 (April) and finishes at the end of Term 3 (September). Please check our website and Facebook page for exact dates, as term dates change each year.

Can I register my child before the Club Open Day or should I wait until then to register?

All registrations must be done online when registrations open. The Open Day is for children to try on kit and for families to meet the volunteers who help run the club. The Open Day is usually held in early February.

I want to register my child this year, but as the season does not start until Term 2 can I wait until then? When is the cut-off date for registering?

We recommend you register your child as soon as registrations open, usually in mid-January. Registrations close before the season starts in April and some age groups are popular and may become full. If there are too few registrations for a certain age group, we may consider closing it. We also need to plan ahead and see if we have enough coaches to run an age group. Generally, the earlier you register the better we can plan.

My child is interested in playing, but has not played before, is shy and not sure if they will know anyone. Can we bring them down to training for a look before we commit?

We understand that it can be very daunting for any child starting a new sport, especially if they have no friends joining them. We encourage you to chat with your friends to see if any of their children or their friends from school are looking to register or try out. WFC is a great family club and not only will your child make new friends, we are sure you will too!

The Coaches, Managers and Committee members are all volunteers, so another way to help your child is to volunteer for a role in their team to become more involved.

Please email the registrar who looks after your child's age group to discuss bringing them down to a session.

I would like to coach/manage my child's team. How do I go about this?

That's great! We are always on the look out for new coaches and managers. Please send an email to the registrar who looks after your child's age group (see below for email addresses).

What age group does my child play in?

A: Please visit the Registration page to see which age group your child falls into based on their birth year. 

Can my child play up a year?

Yes, we do allow players to play up a year. We recognise that the school year does not match the FFA's registration year and that kids want to play with their friends. The system will only allow you to register your child by age, not team preference. During the final registration step please leave a note in the “comments” field about your child playing in an older age group or a particular team. While we can't promise that it will always work out, we will try to accommodate any requests.

Can my child play down a year?

It is possible for a player to play down but only in certain circumstances. The Club will need to make a formal request to Football West for a player to play in an age group lower than their chronological age. The request must be accompanied by a letter signed by the Club secretary, at least one of the player’s parents or guardians, and a qualified medical practitioner or another professional person who is qualified to provide evidence of physical, emotional, or intellectual disadvantage. Conditions that may affect performance intermittently or that can be remedied through conventional medication, visual aids, hearing implants, or other means will not be considered. A new exemption must be applied for each year.

The system will only allow you to register your child by age, not team preference. During the final registration step please leave a note in the “comments” field about your child playing in a younger age group or a particular team. Please also email the relevant registrar with details about why you wish your child to play down.

No request will be granted until it has been assessed by Football West. The player is ineligible to participate in the requested age group until written notification has been received from Football West. 

I tried to register my child but there is no product to select when I login to the Play Football website.

It is possible that the group you are looking to register for isn't open yet or the registration for that group has been closed due to full capacity. Please email the registrar who looks after the age group you are trying to register in.

What days and times are the training sessions and games?

As soon as registration is complete and we have coaches assigned, the coach will nominate the training day and time. Your coach will liaise with you once the team is finalised.

Games will be on Sundays. Home game times are allocated by the club secretary and away games by the  opposition. Generally younger age groups play in the morning and older age groups in the afternoon. We recommend you download the GameDay app on your device and when all teams have been entered into the system, times will be advised before the season starts.

Do you have pre-training/trials before signing up so my child can come down and see if they want to do it?

We run trials for U9s and older, usually in November. Some teams also run summer training. Please check our website and Facebook page for details near to this time.

I would like to register my child for the Woodies program but I can only find the MiniRoos link from the website.

Woodies is part of the MiniRoos. Please go the the Registration page and click on the button at the bottom of the page "Register Via Play Football" to complete the registration process.

How do I register a sibling to an existing player?

If you sign into your Play Football account you can add a new registration and link the new player. You only need one Play Football account.

I'm not sure what size uniform to order.

Please refer to the Sizing Chart on the Registration page. The Club also usually holds an Open Day in early February, where you are welcome to try on kit sizes.

I made a mistake with uniform sizes. Can I change the size I selected?

You can change the uniform size you selected by logging in to your Play Football account. Select "My Registration" from the drop-down menu on the top right. Press the "Edit" button next to the relevant player and then "Custom Fields," scroll down and you can change your answers to the uniform questions. Make sure you save your changes at the bottom. If you have difficulty doing this, please email the registrar for your age group.

Who should I contact for more information about registering?

WFC has three registrars for the different age groups. Please first read the FAQs below and the explanation on the Registration page. If you are still unsure, you can contact the relevant registrar for the age group you are enquiring about. Please provide as much information as possible, including the name of the player and their age group, as it makes it much easier to respond to enquiries.

Woodies to U12 – Miniroos Registrar –

U13 to U18 – Juniors Registrar -

Amateurs/Womens/Masters - Seniors Registrar -

I have a KidSport voucher, who should I give that to?

Please send all information relating to KidSport vouchers/codes to

I have a question about my payment / invoice, who should I contact?

Please email with your question.

I have an injury / my circumstances have changed and I am no longer able to play. Can I get a refund on my fees?

Refunding of fees is dependent on the individual circumstances of each player and is up to the discretion of the Committee. A formal request to Football West may also be needed for any refund of Football West fees paid. Please email and regarding your request and the individual circumstances.

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