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When does the football season start?

The football season starts in Term 2 (April) and finishes at the end of Term 3 (September). Please check our website and Facebook page for exact dates, as term dates change each year.

Why does the registration for Miniroos and Juniors have a close date?

Previously there was no end-date to registrations. This made it difficult to order and allocate kit and equipment, submit teams to Football West, and allocate training days etc as we were unsure how many teams/players we had for the season. This could also be frustrating for players who were waiting to be allocated to a team as there was no certainty about when a team may be filled/closed. Having a shorter registration period with a close date will ensure registrations are processed and teams are allocated quicker and more efficiently.

I have missed the registration period. Can I still register?

If you have missed the registration date for Miniroos or Juniors please email the relevant registrar to see if there is availability for your age group. Registrations will only be accepted if there is a vacant spot in the age group.

Is there a close date for Woodies?

As Woodies is a skills based program and players aren't allocated to teams there is no registration close date.

Is there a come and try option?

Training does not start until after the registration period when players and coaches have been allocated to a team. If there is a vacancy in your age group you may be able to come and try a training session with a team, please email the relevant Registrar. However there is no guarantee that there will be a vacancy. It is recommended that you register during the registration period if you wish to play.

I am not sure about registering if I don't know the training days.

Training days for each team will be different and will depend on coach and pitch availability. As coaches are not determined until a team is allocated it is not possible to know the training days in advance. It is suggested that you register during the registration period to ensure your position. If you are unable to make your training day please contact the relevant Registrar.

Did I pay a $100 deposit?

Trials are held for the Club's top teams in U9 - U18, usually in October for the next year's season. These teams are placed in a higher division and will usually have greater training and travel requirements (i.e. away games can be anywhere across the metro area). Players are selected based on ability and commitment and are required to pay a $100 deposit to secure their spot in the top team for next season. You would only have paid a $100 deposit if you trialed for one of the top teams and were accepted. If you are still unsure please contact the relevant Registrar.

What if my child just wants to play with their friends?

As a community club only our top teams are ‘selected’. For all other teams, where possible we try to accommodate players' preferences to play with their friends. Please make a note in the “comments” field when registering if you have any preferences.

I have an injury/my circumstances have changed and I am no longer able to play. Can I get a refund on my fees?

Refunding of fees is dependent on whether a player has been ‘approved’ in Play Football, whether the season has commenced, and the individual circumstances of each player. Any decision on refunds is made by the Committee. A formal request to Football West may also be needed for any refund of Football West fees to be paid. Please email the relevant Registrar regarding your request and the individual circumstances.

I have been placed on the waitlist. What does that mean?

If you have been placed on the waitlist, that means all positions for your age group are currently filled. You will be contacted if a position becomes available, usually if someone withdraws prior to the start of the season. If there are sufficient players on the waitlist for an age group, we may consider creating another team.

I tried to register but there is no product to select when I login to the Play Football website.

It is possible that the age group you are looking to register for isn't open yet or the registration has been closed due to all positions being filled, including the waitlist.

Why are there three Registrars?

As a large club we have around 500 registrations each year and 1000s of enquiries. Our Registrars are volunteers and have full-time jobs. To manage the workload the different age groups have been distributed across three Registrars. You can help by ensuring you contact the correct Registrar for your age group, reading the Registration Handbook and FAQs thoroughly, providing all the necessary information when making an enquiry (i.e. full name, birth year, age
group) and being patient. Registrars will do their best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Woodies to U12 – Miniroos Registrar –

U13 to U18 – Juniors Registrar -

Amateurs/Womens/Masters - Seniors Registrar -

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