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Our Story

A decade of growth and development

Woodvale FC was founded as Kingsley Junior Soccer Club in 1997 and prior to that was part of Kingsley Soccer Club. Despite the name, our club has always been based in Woodvale. The club was renamed as Woodvale FC in 2010 to better reflect our close links to local people, schools and businesses in the Woodvale area. 

After struggling with numbers in its early days, the club has grown from strength to strength over the last decade, thanks to the tireless efforts of countless volunteers. The Woodies Mini Football Academy for players age 4-5 was set up in 2014, followed by the first Amateurs team in 2015 and the launch of the Masters teams in 2016. Woodvale FC has always been a strong supporter of female sport, with girls and women's teams an integral part of the club from its earliest days. Our overriding mission is to welcome players of all abilities, but the decision was taken to start running trials from 2018 to attract and retain the best community club players and to provide former NPL players the opportunity to continue playing football at a high level.  

After celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2020, Woodvale FC stands at a crossroads. Strong growth in membership and recent challenges related to COVID mean the club is looking for a more sustainable approach. Our focus is now switching from expansion to consolidating the systems and structures put in place over the last decade. 

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