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Teams & Age Groups

Woodvale FC has playing groups and teams for all ages, from age 4 through to over 45s in the Masters competitions

Woodies Mini Football Academy

Football fun for kids aged 4-5

The Woodies Academy is aimed at girls and boys starting their football journey. This program is designed to assist the children in developing essential motor skills, co-ordination and confidence in a safe and non-competitive environment. Woodies promotes teamwork, social interaction and physical well-being. Giving children a strong foundation in the early years helps them to develop a lifelong love of the game. Sessions are run on Saturday mornings at Timberlane Park during terms 2-3.



Boys and girls teams for ages 6-12

Players age 6-7 play in small-sided games in clusters with local clubs, focusing on fun and team play. From age 8, training sessions and games become more structured, but the focus is still on creating a relaxed environment to teach new skills in an enjoyable way. Training sessions and matches are usually held at Timberlane Park or North Chichester in Woodvale.


Football West Junior Football

Boys and girls teams for ages 13-18

Competitive football with divisions and published results starts from age 13 for boys and girls. Full-size pitches and goals and FIFA rules such as the offside rule are also introduced. Woodvale FC runs voluntary trials for Junior players who want to play in the highest-level teams in their age group. Training sessions and games are usually at Timberlane Park or South Chichester in Woodvale.


Football West Senior Football

Men's, Women's and Masters teams

Seniors football starts from age 18+. Woodvale FC has multiple teams playing in the Amateurs, Women's and 35/45 Masters competitions. Players of all abilities are welcome to join the Masters teams, which also hold regular club social events and tours. Training sessions and games are held at Timberlane Park or South Chichester in Woodvale.

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